Never stop exploring... Traveling to new places, meeting new people, visiting old friends,
stopping to notice the light and capturing a moment.
I surround myself with excellent creative people, and the creative collaboration on
every project makes this a grand adventure.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do you feel about heights?

You have to love it when the first question from a Creative Director is, “so how do you feel about heights?”

This is how my Goldwind adventure started. Climbing 500-foot towers (yes that’s as tall as a 50 story building) in Pipestone, MN, photographing the workers and windmills. Creating unique visuals is what I live for; I have the skill and experience to get your project done, in the sky or on the ground.

It’s really remarkable, when you standing 500 feet on top of a windmill, the wind is blowing 30 miles-per-hour, just how loud your heart beating is…..


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Shooting is my passion. The collective creative process is what gets me jazzed, starting out the day with nothing but a concept, a rough drawing and the process of surrounding yourself with gifted designers and art directors, stylists, models, and assistants makes the process a team event, with a series of stunning images at the end of the day.